The 3 C’s Of Dental hiring

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Tips on How to Increase Team Accountability

  • Competence: Can they do the job?
  • Commitment: Will they do the job?
  • Chemistry: How will they fit in?

In our rush to impress candidates and fill a void on our team, Dental CEOs who are interviewing candidates lapse into “Sell and Tell” mode. In fact, the most common mistake interviewers make is talking too much.

Follow this flow for a more successful interview:

  1. Establish rapport. Greet the candidate and help them get comfortable. Small talk helps people relax. Talk about the weather, where they live, how their weekend was. Offer them tea, coffee or water.
  2. Explain your process. Take two minutes to lay out the timetable and agenda for the interview. Let the candidate know you will be taking notes.
  3. Follow the 80/20 Rule. During the main part of the interview, the candidate should do 80% of the talking. Ask open-ended questions, then LISTEN to the answers.
  4. Target performance that matters to you. Think about the three most frequent problem situations that occur in your office. Write an interview question for each which begins, “Tell me about a time when you had to deal with [insert situation]. What did you do, and what was the outcome?”
  5. Allow time for questions. Once you are done, give the candidate a few minutes to switch roles. Now is when you sell!
  6. Close with a commitment. Tell the candidate when you expect to make a decision. Let them know either way. When you close the loop – even when it’s a No – you leave a respectful impression.

“Don’t waste time calculating your chances of success and failure. Just fix your aim and begin.” ~ Guan Yin Tzu

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