“And The Real Income Is…..” Tips on How to Reduce Your Dental Practice Costs

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Cash flow – or lack thereof – stresses out all dentists at one point or another. In addition to my D.D.S, I earned an M.B.A. because I knew I needed to learn more about the in’s and out’s of running a business. Because of this advanced training, my practice operated in the top 5% nationwide. That combination of education and experience has given me the insights into how to operate a dental practice like a real, profitable business.

The first step to higher profits and reduced costs is to realize that the cash that comes in from a treatment – say, a filling – is not your income, nor is it your profit. Any income from treatments that comes into your practice must first pass through two bottlenecks – Overhead and Taxes. The remaining balance is what becomes the practice’s income or revenue. I recommend talking to your CPA or accounting professional about how to reduce your tax payments and I will share some ideas on how to reduce your overhead.

  1. Labor: While I encourage you to pay your staff a fair and attractive wage, make sure that you are not increasing labor costs by high turnover or lots of downtime. Run your practice like a well oiled machine to reduce time spent in the break room, and show your best employees how much you value them to reduce turnover, and thus hiring costs. (Note: See my previous blog posts about how to keep employees happy – HERE)
  2. Analyze Your Expenses: We can’t always cut out an item completely, but we can certainly review it. For example, what do you pay to process credit cards for payment? Merchant processing and credit card fees can be simply ridiculous.
  3. Reassess Your Offerings Annually: Look at the treatments and services that you offer in relation to how profitable they are. It may be necessary to eliminate treatments that are simply costing too much to perform.

In addition to being an excellent dentist, remember that you are a business owner as well.

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