Gerbil Wheel


In your Dental Practice

do you ever feel like you’re


…..Running, Running, Running

and never catching up?

On the other hand...

  • Are tired of staying in the same place with the same issues of managing and supporting your dental practice,
  • Feel like you are on this never-ending gerbil wheel and making little or no progress,
  • Feel like you have more expenses than money,
  • Feel that there isn’t enough time in each day for your practice and personal life to peacefully co-exist…..

Good News! You can get off the wheel.

Imagine if you could “get off the wheel” and finally gain some forward motion because you developed and implemented a clear plan for your practice AND your personal life! What would that feel like for you?

  • Imagine your feeling of success as you identify and isolate the “things” you’ve been “putting up with” for years because you developed an approach on how to eliminate those tolerations.
  • Imagine your feeling of accomplishment because you are now taking real action on the ideas you have wanted to implement to better serve your patients.
  • Imagine having your own personal business coach that does personal on-site visits with your team to help identify the solutions to those issues.
  • Imagine creating your practice of choice where you are in control of the practice rather than the practice controlling you.
  • Imagine making more money and creating more balance in your life.

It is possible because it’s been done!

There is a fun, profitable, and very personalized solution!

Professional business coaching or Dental Contact Coaching™ (DCC™)  with Dr. Ron Arndt, THE DENTAL COACH©. Dental coaching is a proven solution to support successful dentists to create their life of choice – both personally and professional. Take the time, right now, to see if coaching is a “fit” for you.

What’s In It For You?

  1. Opportunity to create YOUR ideal practice.
  2. High levels of accountability to move you to achieve YOUR goals.
  3. Intense, personalized support to achieve YOUR outcomes.
  4. Enhanced team alignment to YOUR vision.
  5. This is about empowering and inspiring you. A weekly “pat-on-the-back” or “kick-in-the-ass” and someone who won’t accept excuses, yet will understand YOUR realities.